A Visit with Sasan Taqva


Editor’s Note:  As Iran Press Watch reported earlier (http://www.iranpresswatch.org/2009/05/visit-shiraz/), a description of some recent visits has been received and is shared below in translation.

By Shomeys Mohajer

The moment of seeing a friend again is an unforgettable moment… I could not believe my eyes would be blessed by visiting such a cherished friend as dear Sasan.

Years ago, when we served together on the [now defunct] National Youth Committee, he was the representative for region 9 from Shiraz.  He was a dignified young man with a radiant face, who — although he spoke with great excitement — refrained from exaggeration. When his turn came to give his report; everyone was in awe of the activities of the youth in his region.

His reports reflected the fact that he was not a man of mere words; but that he was a man of action.  His activities were interesting experiences for others, and everyone always remained in eager anticipation of hearing his reports; so that they could carry back news of great events as a souvenir.  Then again this region has always been blessed with divine favours, and the Dawning of the Revelation of the Blessed Bab from that land is testimony to this claim.

Shiraz and events and incidents therein have always marked the beginnings of new movements in the Cradle of the Baha’i Faith.  In the same way that the seven Brides of Shiraz[1] released unprecedented energy in the Baha’i world, 53 love-intoxicated young people brought back to life the epic movements of their ancestors and set out to breathe life into this blessed land by serving the inhabitants of the land of Baha’u’llah’s birth…  Yet alas, it has been a year and a half since three of these ardent lovers of the Beloved Beauty have been incarcerated in the prison of Shiraz, and the rest of the youth have been subjected to sitting in weekly classes where they have to endure calumnious misinterpretations of His blessed Faith.

I was finally able to visit with dear Sasan.  How I wish my pen had the ability to capture the spiritual power of those moments.  How can my pen recount what I witnessed?  A power beyond any physical force… Yes, I saw in Sasan a sort of spiritual strength not easily describable…  How can I express those moments?  I did not wish for them to come to a conclusion…  Yet time was short…

He said a bit about the difficult conditions in prison and his utter loneliness there… However, whatever he said was indicative of some great strength… indicative of the bounties of Baha’u’llah and of nothing else…  In the midst of his utterances, one could feel the confirmations he attracted from the Concourse on High.  But alas! The special spiritual experiences he recounted were not quite comprehensible to me; for how could a lowly earthling such as I understand such lofty realms as he described?  Surely, he was not speaking of hardship; but material as I am I could only comprehend the pain and suffering.

In any case, the moments were passing far too fast… He asked repeatedly that we should pray for him, so that he may be able to endure these difficulties and attain the good pleasure of the Beloved.  But from whom was he beseeching prayers so earnestly? Surely he must have been discerning angels everywhere and at every moment, to have been beseeching so intently.

When he was speaking about solitary confinement and complained of loneliness, I realised just how blessed we are with incredible bounties, and yet we are not cognizant of any of it.  Dear Sasan imparted such insight to me that I will remain grateful to him for ever.  He opened my eyes to the bounties and favours of God, so that I may be empowered to take greater steps than ever before in the proclamation of His Words.  How blessed indeed is he for having firmly demonstrated his servitude to the Holy Threshold… God help me for I know not when — if ever — I could do that…

Upon saying goodbye, he informed me that the three of them in prison[2] were reciting prayers every Wednesday at 8 pm.  He asked me to say prayers also at the same time, and asked that I should say them out loud with such fervour that he could feel their penetration.  And I promised to pray in such wise that I would feel the confirmations.  This sums up what I witnessed during my visit.

We ended our meeting with the recitation of the following Tablet, which indeed bears witness to Sasan and his friends in prison.

He is the Most Glorious;

O thou who hast rendered up thy life unto the traceless Friend,

Myriads have been the wise who have sought after Him, but have remained deprived of His Presence and bereft of beholding His Countenance.  Yet you found Him; you recognised Him!  You surrendered in the game of servitude, set firm your station, and hoisted the banner of prosperity and salvation.

How astonishing a tale and peculiar a tiding:  Those who searched after Him did not attain Him, but those who remained seated beheld Him.  I beg forgiveness of God, for their search was that of those who have drunk to satiety and not of those who thirst in longing; and their desire was that of the worldly-wise and not of the enthralled lover.

“The worldly-wise who garner the ears of grain are unaware of Layla’s secret,

For unto none was accorded the great glory but Majnun — he who set

the whole harvest afire!”

Better the lover who remaineth seated, than the wise man who endeavoureth in active service.

Upon thee be His Glory.

[Provisional translation]

[1] The seven unmarried young girls who were martyred together with 3 other women on June 18, 1983 in Shiraz because of their adherence to the Baha’i Faith: Mrs. Nusrat Yalda’i, Mrs. Izzat Ishraqi, Roya Ishraqi, Mrs. Tahirih Siyavushi, Zarrin Muqimi, Shirin Dalvand, Akhtar Sabit, Simin Sabiri, Mahshrid Nirumand, Mona Mahmudnizhad.

[2] Raha Sabet, Haleh Rouhi and Sasan Taqav.


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    Dear Mr. Rabbani,

    Thank you for posting the provisional translation of the above referenced Tablet. It is mystical and beautiful beyond words.

    Iam curious about the attribution which is missing. Is the translation from a Tablet of the Pen of the Blessed Beauty or the Master (please excuse my ignorance)?


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