Three Baha’is Summoned to Intelligence Ministry in Urumiyeh

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On Monday, May 25, 2009, the usually reliable HRA site reported:

Three Baha’is who reside in Urumiyeh [northwest of Iran] have been summoned to the Information Bureau of the Ministry of Intelligence.

Mr. Faraez Reza’i, Akbar Aghdasi, and Ahdollah Fazli, are three former members of the local administrative body of the Baha’is in Urumiyeh and have been summoned to appear in the above Bureau today, May 25, 2009.

It is not clear what has prompted the authorities to call them in for questioning, but it is likely that this event is a continuation of pressures applied to Baha’is of Semnan and Mashhad to provide a statement that they would not participate in Baha’i activities.

[Source: Translation by Iran Press Watch.]


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