Mehran Bandi: Imprisoned for Being Baha’i

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[The Tehran-based prestigious organization “Human Rights Activists in Iran” just published an update on Mr. Mehran Bandi ( on Sunday, 12 October 2008, which is offered below in translation. Previously on this site, the imprisonment of Mr. Bandi was reported and some detailed offered, Ahang Rabbani.]

On 28 August 2008, Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court in Yazd issued a sentence against Mr. Mehran Bandi-Amirabadi, who was an active member of the Baha’i community in the same city.  The verdict against him, no. 87/286, based on Articles 500 and 610 of Islamic penal code, charged him with: “congregation and collusion against the internal and external security of the nation”, “statements against the Islamic Republic regime and in support of anti-revolutionary groups” and “inventory of satellite TV accessories”.  In this trial, Mr. Bandi’s lawyer was Farhad Dardfar, a member of the Commission of Human Rights in the province of Fars.

The court imposed a sentence of three and a half years imprisonment and three years of subsequent exile in the town of Babak, in Kerman province.  In addition, the business license of Misaq-Kamand Company (a business entity created by Mr. Bandi) was terminated, and he is barred for an extra 5 years from partaking of social rights and participating in commercial activities.

Moreover, the store and inventory of Mr. Mehran Bandi and his company’s furniture and other equipment was seized and tagged by the authorities, including computer equipment and accessories belonging to his clients.

This verdict was delivered after Mr. Bandi had spent 3 months in temporary confinement, of which 40 days was spent in solitary prison at the Intelligence Ministry.

Because of cardiac and pulmonary illnesses, several times Mr. Bandi was taken to the prison’s infirmary and kept for observation at the critical care unit.  During this period, the court objected to a temporary release for Mehran Bandi, and presently he is incarcerated in the central prison of Yazd.

Mr. Mehran Bandi-Amirabadi, 45, lives in Yazd and has had no previous involvement with law enforcement.  Because of his religious beliefs, he was barred from attending institutions of higher education and had turned to private enterprise to earn a living.


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