Atrocious Acts in Prisons


5b9c2c5f3aEditor’s Note:  Though the mission of Iran Press Watch is primarily to document atrocities inflicted against the Baha’i community of Iran, it is recognized that the human rights of all Iranians – indeed all the peoples of the world – are connected and intertwined.  As such, as our resources permit, we continue to publish information about civil and human rights abuses of all Iranians in hope that the conscience of the world will be awakened to their plight.  The following report was filed by Roozonline.

By Roozonline

In a letter to the head of Iran’s Assembly of Experts on Leadership (which supervises the performance of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic republic), Mehdi Karroubi, the former Speaker of Iran’s Majlis (Parliament) and one of the presidential candidates protesting the official results of the June 12 election, has asked that the reports of rapes of men and of women who have been detained following the protests over the June 12 presidential elections be investigated.

In his letter, Karroubi states that this information was provided to him by individuals in ‘sensitive posts’ in the Iranian government and by other prominent personalities, including Iran-Iraq war veterans.

The letter is important, because this is the first time that an official at this level has officially spoken about the rape of prisoners and has asked for a clarification of the issue. This issue has been raised many times in the past, but only by non-officials.

The text of the letter has been published by Saham News, the official newspaper of the Etemad Melli party, founded by Karroubi. “Even if there is one single rape case, it is a disaster for the Islamic Republic, exonerating many dictatorial regimes, including the former Shah’s,” the letter states.

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  1. Maliheh

    August 12, 2009 11:11 pm

    Unfortunately these savage acts have been going on from the beginning of the revolution, in many cases by the Islamic clergy, the so called men of God!! Now, it has reached its height, covering a wide cross section of the nation !!

    Shame on the perpetrators. The pages of the history of the past thirty years of our land, is filled with these heinous acts of savagery and atrocity.

    These leaders are worried about those exiting from Islam!! Should people remain Muslims and follow the foot-steps of these leaders?

    Is there any limit to the brutalities committed by these tyrants?

  2. Ali

    August 13, 2009 12:53 am

    Of course the Iraqi born speaker of Majlis of Iran who is also the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran and was Chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and Minister of Islamic Guidance has denied all of these human rights vilations as base less. One just wonders why these forign born people who are ruling Iran in sensitive capacities deny and dispute what Iranians say is being done to them. I’m sure if the Supreme Ruler of Iran had appointed an Iranian to be holding such positions as Ali Larijani, that person would have started an immediate investigation into these alegations and brought the responsible people to the court of law. But then again these human rights violations and “sweep them under the rug” explains how why Aya Khamenei lost control of Iran’s scurity establishment last year. With the children of Saddam in charge of Iran’s Majls, Security, IRIb and Islamic Guidance Iran’s awaits its shock and awe.

  3. Carmen

    August 13, 2009 11:43 pm

    The clergy in Iran knows perfectly that their time is over and soon they will be judged by international courts for crime against humanity. So they try to buy themselves a future by “denouncing” atrocities. I am affraid it’s just too late. They will all be sued in fair courts with lawyers, where capital punishment is banned and where the right of defence and human rights are fully respected . If the sentence is that they are guilty then they shall spend the rest of their lives building houses and roads and librairies and hospitals and doing works of general interest for the whole nation. This will happen much sooner than anyone can imagine, just like the Berlin wall or the democratic transition in Spain or the carnation revolution in Portugal. Much sooner than expected….


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