Rag-e Tak Available Online

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book-cover-image-smallIran Press Watch is pleased to note that the two-volume survey of Iranian social history titled, Rag-e Tak [the vein of vine], is now available online at:  http://ragetak.com/

Rag-e Tak is by “Delarm Mashhoori” and was first published in 1999 by Khavaran publishing.  The author’s objective is to present a new synthesis of Iranian history and shed new light on aspects of the role of religion in Iran in its struggle towards modernity.  Since its first publication, this book has been reprinted seven more times, which is by itself a major accomplishment for any book printed in Persian outside of Iran, especially since the number of subsequent prints has increased steadily.  Furthermore, the success of the book is reflected in the broadly positive reviews given by Iranian intellectuals in the last decade.

The book is worthy of close examination for many reasons, and in our academic interest, the editorial staff of Iran Press Watch will publish a series on the analysis of this book in coming weeks.  A full English translation has been a project of one of our editors for several years and its completion is expected in not-too-distant future.


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