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map-iranIn the course of assembling records of persecutions perpetrated against the Baha’i community of Iran and their long and important history of resisting forces arrayed against them, Iran Press Watch has come across a statement by the Universal House of Justice written on November 26, 2003, which has far-reaching implications and remains true today as it did then.  Iran Press Watch is grateful to Dr. Khazeh Fananapazir for offering this translation.  The original Persian is attached for ease of reference for those interested.

The greatest mistake that the ruling authorities may perpetrate is to vainly imagine that using the powers they have usurped for themselves they can become a barrier or a dam to impede the flow of the forces of change and transformation.  Today whether it be in Iran or other parts of the world the torrent of these changes and transformations is in full flow with great rapidity and power.  One can neither deny its existence nor divert its course nor diminish its intensity and potency.  It can penetrate through all doors and walls and enter ones own home.

The primary reason why the divines and rulers have, from the inception of the Revelation of Baha’u’llah, arisen to oppose it is that they saw that Baha’u’llah was the Founder of a new community based on equality and social justice and in that society they saw no role or station or position for themselves.  This fear and anxiety has been the cause of the restrictions and tribulations wrought upon the Baha’is, they that tread the path of love and faithfulness.  At the same time none can deny that that despite all these injustices perpetrated upon the Baha’i community, this community is a creative minority, an exemplar of the spiritual and divine civilization envisioned by Baha’u’llah, and is a sign of the iron will of the Blessed Beauty in realizing His sublime purpose.  You who extol the Greatest Name in the cradle of the Faith of God, have proven with your commitment to genuine service, with your self-abnegation, and with your sacrifice even of your life blood that you are truly yearning for the progress and exaltation of Iran – an Iran about which  ‘Abdul-Baha has uttered these words:

The horizons of Iran are illumined by the rays of that divine Luminary.  Ere long the Orb of the world above will shine with such intensity so that that land will attain the zenith of resplendence and give illumination to all the world and that everlasting honor and glory of the past will shine again with such effulgence that eyes will be dazzled and minds astonished.

Iran will be the epicenter of lights.  Its earth will be resplendent.  The country will be illumined.  Nameless and traceless as she may now appear it will be of prominent renown in entire world.  This deprived land will attain all its wishes and aspirations.  Disadvantaged as it may appear now it will possess all bounties and will achieve all manner of distinction.

These eager and yearning souls always remember those champions of the fields of service and faith in our most cordial prayers so that the dark night of restrictions may expire and that you may all witness the gladsome greatness and glory of that strong Edifice which you have been building with so much sacrifice and selflessness.

The original Persian text
The original Persian text

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  1. Barmak Kusha

    August 21, 2009 3:22 am

    I can never forget this message or its last sentence. Never. It’s eerie how prophetic it’s turned out to be….

    There is, I humbly suggest, however, an important error in your translation of that last sentence, with all love and humility towards my teacher and friend, Dr. Fananapazir.

    It is not that the Universal House of Justice, the author of this message, are “pray[ing] *so that* the dark night of restrictions may expire.” Note that in the Persian, there is a period. A thought has ended. A new sentence begins, saying, in effect,

    “The dark night of restrictions *will* expire, and.. (this is the intense prediction) ..you *will* all witness the gladsome greatness and glory of that strong Edifice which you have been building with so much sacrifice and selflessness.” *emphases all mine*

    I owe oceans of thanks to my dear friend Manigeh Roosta of Bolivia, for having over the past almost 6 yrs pointed out the prophetic nature of that last sentence.

    Many thanks.

  2. Bahram

    August 21, 2009 3:47 am

    There is an official translation. Search on any Baha’i search program will show the authorized translation. It is also available on the US Baha’i website. Here is an excerpt:

    “Ruling elites can make no more serious error than to imagine that the power they have managed to arrogate to themselves provides an enduring bulwark against the relentless tides of historical change. Today, in Iran as everywhere throughout the world, these tides roll in with insistent urgency and tumultuous force. They are not merely at the door of the house, but rise up irresistibly through its floors. They cannot be diverted. They will not be denied.”

    (The Universal House of Justice, 2003 Nov 26, To the Followers of Bahá’u’lláh in the Cradle of the Faith)

  3. Barmak Kusha

    August 21, 2009 4:29 am

    Thank you, Bahram. I had completely forgotten about this translation!

    That last sentence?
    “Each time we visit the Holy Shrines you are in the forefront of our hearts and prayers. Your long night will end, and you will have the joy of witnessing with your own eyes the mighty structure your sacrifices have raised.

  4. sb

    August 21, 2009 11:14 am

    Words are unable to express the awe inspired by this august, prescient statement.
    The Universal House of Justice and the friends of Iran show us time and again how the world may be transformed and uplifted . . .by sacrifice and utter humility. Thank you for the gift of this wonderful translation.

  5. DIsaac

    September 8, 2009 5:34 pm

    I came across this site not fully understanding the caue but did recognize the statment of the champions in the field of service and faith, equality and social justice, which are very important these days towards “ALL” mankind.

    Let us “Let God be God’ in whatever we do, to see a world transformed into the image in which it was originally created for before the fall of man and for the sake and betterment of all mankind.

    LOVE IS THE KEY! http://www.allthatgodis.org


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