Barring the reopening of an optician's shop


Nazar-Abad – Mrs. Zohreh Laghai, the owner of Misagh Optician, whose business was shut down in the month of Day, 1387 (Dec., 2008), along with four other optician’s shops owned by Baha’is in Nazar-Abad (near Karaj), has been barred by the Ministry of Intelligence from re-opening her shop, despite the decision of the Court of Justice for Commerce that had granted her permission to re-open her shop.

[Source: Baha’i World News Services in Persian; Translated by Iran Press Watch]


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  1. helmut drexler

    November 7, 2009 8:34 pm

    Psychologically seen are all human beings on a scale, which varies between altruistic and egoistic. The more egoistic we are, the more we like to hurt our fellow-creatures, but at the same time, because we are all one, we are hurting ourselves. From this view egoism has a tendency to sado-masochism. And if you think about the dictators, it becomes understandable, because the dictators hurt their own people.
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