Transfer of arrested Baha'is to Gohar-dasht prison in Karaj.

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No 2010-1170
3 Bahman 1388 (23 Jan 2010)

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – According to reports, the ten Baha’is who were arrested on the 13th of Day (3 Jan) in coordinated attacks on their homes have been transferred to Gophar-dasht prison in Karaj.

The arrested Baha’is — Leva Khanjani, Babak Mobash-sher, Payam Fana’ian, Nika Hoveyda’i, Jinous Sobhani, Artin Ghazanfari, Farid Rohani, Ahmad Rohani, Ibrahim Shad-Mehr and Zavosh Shad-Mehr — who have been arrested on charges of participation in Ashura observances and organizing [Baha’i] gatherings, have not had any visits with their families.

Among the arrested individuals, specific reference was made to Jinous Sobhani, Secretary of the “Centre for Defenders of Human Rights” and the “Organization for the Defense of Mine Victims”[a legal center for defending victims of human rights violations, and an organization to advance the rights of victims of mine detonation, both set up by Nobel Prize-wining attorney Shirin Abadi; both were closed by Iranian authorities in Dec 2009], as well as to Leva Khanjani, the granddaughter of Jamaluddin Khanjani, one of the seven former leaders (called the “Friends” — Yaran) of the Baha’i community, who have been under detention by security forces for more than a year and a half.

Some time ago, the Tehran Prosecutor-General [Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi] had talked about finding weapons and bullets in the homes of the arrested Baha’is. The Baha’i International Community has vehemently denied these accusations, and declared that the arrested Baha’is were innocent



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