Two Baha'is arrested in Babolsar


Two Baha’is were arrested by Security forces in Babolsar, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 29th and 30th of Day (19-20 Jan 2010)

Harana News -Rights of religious minorities: Two Baha’i residents of Babolsar were arrested by Security forces. As reported by the Baha’i Committee of the Society of Human Rights Activists in Iran, the Security forces arrived at the home of a Baha’i resident of Babolsar ( identity protected ) on the evening of Tuesday the 29th of Day, searched the house, confiscated personal property items such as computers and religious books, and then arrested the citizen. The Security officers took the citizen to an unidentified location.

Also, on Wednesday the 30th of Day, Security forces went to the home of Hoda Fallah, another Baha’i resident of Babolsar, searched her house, confiscated her belongings, and took Ms. Fallah to the Information Office. Ms. Fallah was released the same day, after a three hour interrogation. It should be noted that a few days before these arrests, on Friday the 25th of Day (15 Jan), Security forces had attacked a Baha’i religious gathering in Babolsar, interrogated those present, confiscated their mobile phones, and then left.


Translation by Iran Press Watch.


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