Houses of 2 Baha’i Residents of Ghaemshahr Raided


Houses of 2 Baha’i Residents of Ghaemshahr Raided
13 , May , 2010

Intelligence agents raided the houses of Changiz and Parviz Oladi in Ghaemshahr, as the persecution of Baha’is continues in Mazandaran.

RAHANA – On May 11, agents from the Intelligence Ministry in Ghaemshahr raided the houses of 2 of the city’s Baha’i residents. The agents seized pictures and CDs related to the Baha’i faith and told Changiz and Parviz Oladi to report to the Intelligence Minstry’s local office on May 12.

According to a RAHANA reporter, the recent increase in the number of arrests and house raids targeting the Baha’i community is the result of the recent anti Baha’i seminars which were held across the province.

Source: RHAIRAN,


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