A Baha'i from Semnan sentenced to imprisonment and banishment.

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A Baha’i from Semnan sentenced to imprisonment and banishment.
Friday, 03 Ordibehesht 1389 [23 April 2010] at 7:29 AM

Harana News – According to the sentence issued by Revolutionary Court of Semnan, a Baha’i citizen resident of Semnan, known as Sholeh Taef, who was arrested in Azar 1388 [Nov-Dec 2009] and freed after some time, has been sentenced to a one year sentence in Tehran, and a two year term of internal exile outside Semnan.

As noted by Harana reporters, the charges against Sholeh Taef were “rising against national security” and “propaganda against the regime”, and “activities beneficial to Baha’ism”.

It is worth noting that the file of Ms. Taef has been referred to the Review Court.

Translation by Iran Press Watch.
Source: HRA, http://www.hra-news.org/1389-01-27-05-24-07/839-1.html

[ Semnan has been identified as a test bed for anti-Baha’i schemes by the Government of Iran. Click here to see IPW’s recent posting on Seman. ]


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