Arrest of Sara Mahboobi, one of the students deprived of education


Thursday 03 Tir 1389 [24 Jun 2010] at 18:32 [6:32 PM]

Hrana News- Sara Mahboobi, a university student who had been deprived of her right to a university education residing in Sari, was arrested this morning after visiting the Follow-up Office of the Ministry of Information in Sari.

At noon on Saturday the 29th of Khordad [19 Jun], security officers had gone to her home to arrest her, but had failed due to her absence from Sari.

As reported by the Group Opposed to Educational Discrimination, the Security officers had first introduced themselves as a bank official, but after their arrival had shown the arrest warant for Ms. Mahboobi, started to go through her possessions in the house, and asked Mrs. Mahboobi to bring her daughter to the Information Office in Sari. After confiscating two computers, a number of books and CDs and a photograph of Ms. Mahboobi, they had left the house.

The accusation facing her is the establishment of a follow-up meeting for Baha’i educational rights in Sari. The meeting was held in Khordad last year [May/Jun 2009] in Sari, sponsored by the Committee to Follow up Educational Rights, of the Group of Activists for Human Rights in Iran

Translation by Iran Press Watch


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  1. Brooks

    July 2, 2010 10:00 pm

    Our prayers are with Ms. Mahboobi, as they are with the Baha’i families of Ivel whose homes were unlawfully destroyed there. Our prayers for steadfastness are with all the companions who patiently endure injustice with selfless obedience. These are the true Companions.


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