Weekly Report on Violation of Baha’i Rights

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RAHANA: The recent Baha’i rights violations are as follows:

June 22

Navid Khanjani’s Bail Amount Increased

Student rights activist, Navid Khanjani, presented his last defense in the 3rd branch of Prosecutor based Interrogation Center in Evin prison. His bail was raised from 50 million ($50,000) to 100 million ($100,000) toomans.

June 23

Mashhad Baha’i resident, Nora Nabilzadeh, Detained

Nora Nabilzadeh, a Baha’i resident of Mashhad was detained. According to the RAHANA reporter, she was detained while playing music for a group of children in an orphanage. The Intelligence Ministry authorities charged her with Baha’i propaganda.

June 24

Houses of 50 Baha’is Demolished in a Mazandaran Village

Baha’i residents of the Eival Village notified the Kiasar District Office authorities of the incident on June 22nd. However, the authorities denied its occurrence and declared that it was illegal. The next day, the residents referred to the Kiasar District Office, Sari Governor’s Office, Kiasar Court and the Talmadareh Police Station. They all stated that they were unaware of the incident and condemned its occurrence.

According to the RAHANA reporter, the family of Baha’i resident Mahmoud Piri, noticed a car with 4 passengers near their residence and a number of people who were destroying their building structure. Mahmoud Piri was beaten by one of the car passengers and was forced to leave the scene.

Baha’i Student, Sara Mahboubi Detained

Sara Mahboubi, Baha’i student and resident of Sari who has been deprived of continuing her education, was arrested after referring to the Sari Intelligence Ministry on June 24th.

According to the RAHANA reporter, the security agents first introduced themselves as bank employees. They confiscated some of her personal belongings and left the house since she was not present.

Source: http://www.rhairan.in/en/?p=4770


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