Continuation of detainment of Afshin Heyratian, human rights activist for working children and Baha'is


Afshin Heyratian
Afshin Heyratian

Tuesday, 05 Mordad 1389 at 11:27

Hrana News – Afshin Heyratian, human rights activist for working children and Baha’i citizen, resident of Tehran, has been living under arrest since 13th of Khordad [3 June].

As reported by the Committee of Reporters on Human Rights, the arrest of this civil activist took place in the park facing the Artists Home. Then, security elements, without any warrant in their hands, entered his home. Afshin Heyratian has been active with a group dealing with working children. It appears that several of other members of the group have also been arrested but no information is available about the names of other detainees.

After the passage of two months following the arrest, Afshin Heyratian has had only one telephone contact with his home and the family have succeeded in visiting him twice; the first visit was 28 days after his arrest and the second time on 31st of Tir [24 June].

Afshin Heyratian, children’s human rights activist and Baha’i citizen is currently being held in section 209 of Evin prison.

Translation by Iran Press Watch
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