Ongoing harassment and persecution of Bahai’s in Iran


HRA news – In the continuation of oppression of Baha’is in Iran, a person in Abadan was arrested and the Baha’i cemetery of Kerman was demolished.

According to HRA reporters, on Saturday Tir 26th [July 17th], agents of the Ministry of Information raided the house of Hedayat-Allah Rezayi, a Baha’i living in Abadan, searching the premises and arresting him.

In addition, on Thursday Tir 31st [July 22nd], a few unidentified individuals began demolishing Baha’i cemeteries using bulldozers.

Translation by Iran Press Watch

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  1. grfgx

    July 30, 2010 2:31 am

    Iranian you know of controller, that made from cut material with small cutting from electric beam like television tube, with material will cut inside of that’s ( television tube )


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