Cultural Loaders

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July 22nd, 2010 / Thursday 8th of July 2010
Homa Houshmand 17/4/1389

When loaders arrived at Ivel village, they were in fact cultural loaders which invaded people’s minds. Why? Why has the Department of Justice issued the order and authorized the destruction of citizens’ homes? Why would a religious judge, who is supposed to grieve for people’s pain, become happy to hear about the destruction of Baha’is’ and Iranian citizens’ homes? This is the cultural loader that furrows through people’s minds, posing a question about other villages that might face being leveled to the ground, in order to make the clerics and spiritual leaders and religious police happy. Will the episode of the destruction of the plain of Karbala have to be repeated and another Karbala be ploughed for seventy years more, so as to distract the minds of people from the truth that God wants to reveal? [The caliph al-Mutawakkil had the plain outside Karbala, where Imam Husayn was killed, ploughed, in an attempt to stop Shi’ite pilgrimage. See] Did the destroyers of Karbala succeed in separating people from the Martyred Husayn? Which culture is paramount today: Imam Husayn’s culture or the culture of those who destroyed Karbala?

You may witness another destruction. In hundreds of publications, thousands of Baha’is have been targets of attacks in the name of the Islam which those who take its name lack; they would deprive Baha’i citizens of higher education, but for how much longer will these “loaders” have the capacity to destroy? Know for sure that any loader that destroys a home, brings light to a mind. Happy the homes of Ivel that turned into silent teachers of the cause of God! Happy the Baha’is who stood silent and watched directly, with flames of love and kindness, the fire that consumed their homes in that village, who heard the prayers that will fill the space of Ivel, who saw children that will once again go to children’s classes and witness being embraced with open arms by neighbours who share the bitter memories of today’s events.

The world’s Shi’ites are in torment; Shi’ite minorities in other countries are subjected to pressure and torment for the harsh treatment meted out against the Baha’is in Iran. Because they show people that if Shi’ites were to assume power, they should prepare for the destruction of homes and cemeteries, expulsions and confiscations. And Shi’ites of other countries cannot provide an answer. No matter how much they say in Iran, these things are done in the name of a Shi’ite government, and we would not be like that — they would be asked how would they be?

We witness in the religion-fighting media in Iran that the Baha’i faith has been branded as a crime and as an opposition political party; the actions of individuals have no bearing, and it is sufficient for someone to be a Baha’i to be attacked. These cultural loaders of the media have for thirty years attacked people’s minds. It is interesting that they have ignored people’s understanding and perceptiveness, and they think that any lie, any accusation and calumny and doubt can be fed to the people by repeating them in the media. But it can probably be said that the best gift of this past thirty years has been the perception, the belief and movement toward the learning curve that has no intention of stopping, either; not to accept that someone would decide for them, to interpret for them that God’s meaning of justice is to kill, that His meaning of unity is the eradication of fellow citizens, and that the meaning of humanity and love is torture, branding and piercing.

Perhaps Ivel village will be destroyed, perhaps the judge will be silent, perhaps the religious judge will encourage, perhaps the one responsible will support the destroyer, and perhaps another village will be part of the program, but know that for sure that a lamp lit by God will burn the beard of one who attempts to blow it out.

Translation by Iran Press Watch

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