Baha’i Citizen Vahid Ghodrat Detained in Yazd

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Human Rights House of Iran, RAHANAVahid Ghodrat, a 54 year old Baha’i resident of Yazd, has been detained.

(RAHANA, 5 Oct 2010): The authorities have stated that the reason for his arrest has been anti- regime propaganda.

Yazd (pronounced /jæzd/) (In Persian: یزد)According to the RAHANA reporter, he was in temporary detention for a while and was then transferred to the Yazd Detention Center. According to the verdict, he has to serve a one year sentence.

As it is usual in the case of Baha’i arrests, has been detained under the pretext that someone has filed a complaint against him. The government of Iran engages in such conduct in order to put the Baha’is under pressure and to scare the people who have connections to the Baha’ citizens.



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