We are not Spies! — a play by Mansour Taeed


WE ARE NOT Spies, Mansour Taeed“Are you a Muslim, an Armenian, an Assyrian or a Jew? Are you a Zoroastrian, a Buddhist or even a Baha’i? Are you a feminist, a leftist? Are you fed up with religion all together? “Ma Jassos Neestim” (We are not Spies!), is a one man comedy play written, directed and perfomred by Mansour Taeed. The play … is about the situation of the minorities in iran, especially the Bahai’s. The play explores the taboos and misunderstandings that exists among iranians about minotiries.”


See the play’s website: http://www.wearenotspies.com/Ma_Jasoos/Ma_Jasoos_Neesteem,_a_play_by_Mansour_Taeed.html


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  1. anonymous

    October 7, 2010 12:38 am

    Oh my God, it looks so fun and interesting, but I don’t understand a word of Farsi! Someone translate it to English, please!

  2. editor

    October 7, 2010 8:42 am

    Yes, it is really funny and to the point. Unfortunately, I do not have translation of the clips into English yet. I will see if I can find sub-titles and post it here.
    loving greetings

  3. Ali

    October 8, 2010 8:28 pm

    The Prophet — may the blessings of God and His salutations be upon Him — is stated to have said about ‘Akká where the Shrine of the Founder of your religion is located:   “In ‘Akká are works of supererogation and acts which are beneficial, which God vouchsafed specially unto whomsoever He pleaseth. And he that saith in ‘Akká: ‘Glorified be God, and praise be unto God, and there is none other God but God, and most great is God, and there is no power nor strength except in God, the Exalted, the Mighty,’ God will write down for him a thousand good deeds, and blot out from him a thousand evil deeds, and will uplift him a thousand grades in Paradise, and will forgive him his transgressions. And whoso saith in ‘Akká: ‘I beg forgiveness of God,’ God will forgive all his trespasses. And he that remembereth God in ‘Akká at morn and at eventide, in the night-season and at dawn, is better in the sight of God than he who beareth swords, spears and arms in the path of God — exalted be He!”


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