Expulsion of Ruhollah Qudrat, Baha'i medical student in Rafsanjan, due to a letter from Ministry of Health and Medical Education


agahee.orgAccording to the news received by Population to Combat Educational Discrimination [see http://www.iranpresswatch.org/post/5889], Ruhollah Qudrat, a Baha’i medical student at Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences has been deprived of his right to continue his education, becuase he is a Baha’i. The dismissal was indicated in a letter from the Medical Education Branch of the Ministry of Health, addressed to the Education Deputy of the Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences. The student was called on 31 Shahrivar 1389 [22 Sept 2010] by the Education General Directorate of the Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences, and was notified by Dr Mohammad Mohsen Taghavi, Education Director, that he had been deprived of education at that university until further notice. The Education Director openly said that the student’s belief in the Baha’i Faith was the reason for his expulsion, stating that “we are responsible to the Security officials of the university to immediately expel from the university anyone who is identified as a Baha’i.”

As a result of this student’s follow-up activities, he succeeded in obtaining a copy of Dr Mohammad Mohsen Taghavi’s letter addressed to Mr. Jafari-Naveh, Education Deputy of the Medical School, ordering the expulsion.

Translation by Iran Press Watch
Source: http://new.agahee.org/node/2985


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  1. Concorde

    October 8, 2010 5:52 pm

    Those who in a country that promotes religious intolerance have the courage to stand up and openly associate themselves with the Baha’i teachings, a religion openly promoting religious reconciliation, non-violence, world peace and unity in diversity, explicitly abolishing the Jihad and numerous supersticious practices, deserve to be rewarded with a Nobel prize.


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