Bahá’í Citizen of Semnan, Rufiyaa Baidaghi detained


Bahá’í Citizen of Semnan, Rufiyaa Baidaghi(RAHANA, 7 Nov 2010) Human Rights News Agency of Iran – RAHANA. Rufiyaa Baidaghi, A Bahá’í citizen of Semnan is arrested.

Bahá’í Citizen of Semnan, Rufiyaa Baidaghi has been arrested by the Security Forces.

According to RAHANA reporter, On Saturday November 7th, Security Forces proceeded to arrest Rufiyaa Baidaghi, she is the daughter of Mr. Goodarz Baidaghi who had been arrested on February and only recently released.

It should be mentioned that, there are currently six Bahá’í citizens incarcerated in Semnan and a number of others are awaiting court rulings.

Human Rights House of Iran, RAHANA Source:


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  1. brooks

    November 14, 2010 10:07 am

    Rufiyaa, our prayers are with you and your family. Dear daughter, you bring great honor to us, your human family, with the courage of your example.


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