Threat Against Three Baha’i Families in Qa’emshahr

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On Monday, 5 January 2009, Human Rights Activists of Iran reported the following in the Persian section of their online news organ:

The agents of the Ministry of Intelligence went to the residence of three Baha’i families in the town of Qa’emshahr, and conducted a search of homes and summoned everyone to the office of the Ministry [for further questioning].

On 24 December 2008, security agents arrived at the homes of three Baha’i families in Qa’emshahr and searched throughout the homes and confiscated such personal items as family books, papers and computers.

The Agents also asked Mr. Bijan Naw’khah, Mr. Sohrab Loghmani, Mrs. Fanaian, Miss Emilia Fanaian and Miss Anisa Fanaian to present themselves to the office of the Intelligence Ministry.

No further detail about these incidents is available at this time.

[Source: Translated by Iran Press Watch: The Baha’is.]


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  1. arghanoon

    January 7, 2009 10:33 pm

    Dear Ahang
    your update news give us a vary view about persecutions of bahais of iran and reach their voice to the world.
    plese look at this latest link , for furthermore information on ghaemshahr event.


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