Ten Baha'i Families Harassed

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14 January 2009 (IPPA), in a coordinated operation, ten families affiliated with the Bahai faith were harassed by Iranian regime security agents, their belongings searched, confiscated and their members arrested and taken away to Evin prison.

According to reports released by Bahai students; Jinus Sobhani, Shahrokh Taeff, Azizollah Samandari, Payam Aghsani, Didar Raoof, Nima Haghar have been arrested.

Junis Sobahani had been secretary of the society of “Defenders of Human Rights” until it was banned in December 2008. She was also a member in the “Society of participating mine detectors”.

A spokesman from the Society of Defenders of Human Rights said Sobhani was arrested at 6.30 in the morning of the day her house was searched, along with her husband. She had recently written legal articles on Human Rights in local media.

Iranian officials have not yet clarified the reason for their arrest. Dian Alaei, representative of the Bahai Community in the UN has declared the arrest to be related with their affiliation to the Bahai faith.

Other members of the Bahai faith, arrested previously on 14 May 2008 are still in detention without legal clarifications.

[Source: Iranian Political Prisoners Association at http://iranppa.blogspot.com/2009/01/many-arrested-bahai-affiliates-and.html]


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