More Pictures of the Devastation at Darzikola's Baha'i Cemetery

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On Monday, 27 October 2008, Iran Press News ( reported on the desecration of the Baha’i Cemetery of Darzikola, a village in the vicinity of Qa’emshahr (former Shahi) on Thursday, 23 October.

This article consists of an account by a Baha’i of the region, who reports that the attack took place between 4 and 5 am on Thursday morning.  This emotional account further mentions that after the destruction, the assailants left a banner attributing their action to the “brave people” of the region – an attempt to paint the anti-Baha’i persecutions and attacks as a populist undertaking and not just the handiwork of a few bigoted and fanatical elements.  However, the reporter observes that most Muslims encountered since this incident were deeply grieved over the occurrence and expressed their deep dismay and disappointment over what a few rogue characters had done.

The report concludes with an assurance that a video of the scene of this crime will be made available soon.


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