Human Rights violations in Iran Yearly Statistical – Special Year 2011

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Screen shot 2012-03-09 at 11.26.16 PM[HRANA, 6 Feb. 2012] In a report by the Human Rights Activists in Iran titled “Human Rights violations in Iran Yearly Statistical — special Year 2011,” the report identifies the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran with 100 cases representing 47% of all Religion Minorities cases (see page 12 of the report).

Some extracts are reproduced below. Please see the full report here: PDF


click the image to see it larger
click the image to see it larger

In a prediction report, it contains Statistical Data (2010-2011) of Human Rights violations in Iran. The statistical basis of this report, that has been prepared, will provide analytical, statistical efforts of institution, and the publication of Human Rights Activists in Iran.

Certainly, due to the Iranian government not allowing human rights defenders to work properly in reporting Human Rights violations and preventing the free flow of information, it does not recognizes the independence of the civil activities, and at the moment, reporting these issues are something with many limitations, difficulty and dangerous in Iran.

Obviously, in such situation for Human Rights defenders, despite great difficulties, only a very small volume ofhuman Rights violations are being monitored, researched and documented in relation to media reports, and finding other groups. However with regards to the restrictions, we can’t deny the analytical error of the content, but the Human Rights entity have known the statistical content and analysis repots with %3 margin of error, rare in its own kind.

As in the first section of the report, it is necessary to notice the human Rights group activities and effort in Iran to improve the reporting of human Rights violations, however, statistics can make dramatic differences in terms of the reports focused on the center of the country compared to other parts of the country as one of the weaknesses of Iran’s civil society entities.

With regard to the Human Rights statistics, 1120077 cases of Violation and protocols documented in Iran with the total repots of 2751, see the map below.

“The separation of different parts of the country based on the focus of Human Rights reporter’s activities”


In this category, Baha’i faith with 47% are at the top of Human Rights Watch’s report and in order, Dervishes of Gonabadi with 21%, Christian’s 14% and 12% Sunni are in the group categories.




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