Iran's Election Promises: Slaughter, Imprisonment, Torture, and Oppression

, , 2 Comments[, 2 Mar. 2012] Irwin Cotler, (Member of Parliament for Mount Royal, first elected in November, 1999; he is a former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada (2003-2006) and is Professor of Law Emeritus at McGill University where he taught law for 30 years), in an article discussing the unfortunate character of Iran’s election, mentions the situation of the Baha’is in Iran. Below you can read the related excerpt, and form the source reference you can read the entire article.


Irwin Cotler
Irwin Cotler

There are other cases with a connection to Canada that deserve attention as well. Indeed, in the latest of a long series of crimes perpetrated against the Iranian Baha’i community by the Iranian regime — and which has resulted in the imprisonment of the entire Baha’i leadership — several graduates of Canadian universities have been detained and imprisoned for their involvement with the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education.

Nooshim Khadem — who holds a Masters in Business from Carleton University — was sentenced to four years in prison, while Kamran Rahimian and Faran Hesami — who both received a Masters in Educational Counseling from the University of Ottawa — has been detained without charge since September 13th. Indeed, the arrest of these educators underscores the arbitrary persecution and prejudicial treatment inflicted upon the Baha’i in Iran.


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  1. Pinya

    March 20, 2012 6:55 pm

    that the tactic may be diepscable but it didn’t cross any lines and then later discovered that in fact the current Speakers last election campaign had used that very same firm?You would have left all of these issues alone?Not touched or taken issue with one of them?You would take a Liberal PM’s word that all was good?As far as you are concerned, you don’t come across as non-partisan at all, and like me who sometimes criticizes the Tories, a few negative comments doesn’t magically make you that way. In fact, I have followed many of your discussions here and you simply delight in pressing people’s buttons, no matter what those buttons are. That, IMO, is not debate.A great many people, I would hazard the majority of them even, dislike having their [potentially long held] assumptions challenged. A great many of them take offence to it even.A great many people, I would hazard the majority of them even, dislike even thinking about the sorts of fundamental changes people like myself are ca

  2. Mido

    March 23, 2012 3:13 am

    Stage, two year old barrel of ppelas? Those ppelas and their stink are left over from the Liberals meaning you are judging everything based on what the Liberals did. The Sponsorship Scandal could only have happened because the Liberals didn’t separate party from government. I have seen no evidence of the same behaviour from the Conservatives, other than Jason Kenney’s staff member inadvertently sending out party letters on ministry letterhead. He was fired and I haven’t heard of that happening again. As an MPP’s Chief of Staff and EA, I worked in both the constituency office and the legislative office at Queen’s Park. Every elected member’s EA was assigned a party worker. I could only meet that person in the legislative cafeteria. When he would visit the riding, I met him at my house or at Tim Horton’s. As the MPP’s EA, I also had to do newsletters, etc to riding association members which I had to do from my home office. I then had to take the copy to a print shop for photocopyin


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