A Note of Thanks to Our Baha'i Friends

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Every couple of months, a hatemongering individual with very obvious obsessive disorders sign up on Iranian.com with a litany of different user id’s and begins attacking our Baha’i compatriots. From calling them outright and/or implying that they are child molesters to calling them outright and/or implying that they are all criminals, the fifth column, spies, traitors, etc., this lunatic does not leave out an insult to throw at these group of Iranians. Some of these attacks have been directed at specific individuals on IC who use their real names.

But throughout all this barrage of abuse against perhaps the most persecuted group of Iranians, which is shamelessly allowed on IC, our Baha’i friends remain silent, polite and patient.  They never respond in kind to this prolific and perennial abuser.  That, to me, is the ultimate expression of a tolerant culture that we have to aspire toward if we want to have a better Iran in the future.  A nation where people of all religions, races, ethnicities and schools of thought can coexist in peace, without a reactionary, medieval religious dictatorship breaking them apart with prejudice and hate.

So, thank you dear Baha’I friends for showing us the true nature of your peaceful beliefs and your love for the unity of the Iranian nation.  You are an example of tolerance, patience and peace to be followed by the rest of our countrymen and women.

In hopes of a better Iran free of hate.

source: http://www.iranian.com/main/blog/onlyiran/note-thanks-our-bahai-friends


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  1. Kim

    September 26, 2012 9:10 pm

    This is why as a Baha’i from America I LOVE Persians! For every occasional close-minded, hard-hearted Persian nut, there are a thousand warm, loving, tolerant, open Persian hearts. And I accept that nuts are “closed” by nature until their own time comes to open. The person you refer to as being a hate-monger is someone who is probably just scared.

    For my part, I am far more appalled by attacks from close-minded, hard-hearted American nuts attacking the religion of His Holiness Muhammad … knowing darned well that it will end in bloodshed. So embarrassing to share a country with them!!! But they are just scared themselves.

    Thank you for working with us to make a world that is safe and feels safe for all of us.


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