The Gardner in Beirut International Film Festival

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[, 10 Oct. 2012] Here is an excerpt from an interview with Colette Naufal, the founder and director of the Beirut International Film Festival (BIFF), about The Gardner. You can see the entire interview here:


Al-Monitor: The Gardner, a controversial film by famed Iranian director Mohsen Makhmalbaf who is now living in exile in France film tells the story of his visit to Isr…

Naufal: It is about the Baha’i religion. How it was born. You see, it was born in Iran about 150 years ago.

Al-Monitor: And now its headquarters is in Isr…

Naufal: Is in Israel. I think they were thrown out of Iran at a certain stage. And then he talks about how religions, the three religions — Christianity, Islam and Judaism — interact and how they are basically peaceful religions. They don’t teach people who to go to school and commit suicide to kill others. And then he talks about what a peaceful religion Baha’i is. I don’t know why he based it on Baha’i, but it is a beautiful movie … beautiful.

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