The Baha'is in Iran: A Recommendation from Imam `Ali and a story from Karubi


Gooya News[, 6 Shahrivar 1392]

http://news.gooya.comMujtaba Vaehdi

The humanitarian effort of Mohammad Nourizad in comforting an innocent child named Artin was followed by numerous discussions. As much as Nourizad’s effort made his fellow Muslims proud, the heartbreaking incident of the murder of a Baha’i citizen in Bandar-Abas depressed all real Iranian Muslims, specifically because none of the media, even those associated with the Reformists, covered his murder. Of course, Artin’s story differs from the death of Ataollah Rezvani,  the Baha’i citizen murdered in Bandar Abbas.

In contrast to Mohammad Nourizad, and all those who have written articles or had things to say about Artin’s story, I insist on calling Artin just an oppressed kid who has suffered, and let his choice of religion take place when he reaches his legal age of majority, when he will choose his own religion. What put Artin at the center of attention is his excessive oppression and the extreme pressure of Islamic Government of Iran on this innocent Iranian young child. Artin, as we all of us was born in an Iranian family, and like most of the Iranians follows his parent’s religion. Maybe , such a bitter experience, make him to investigate about religions, including his family religion and the religion claimed by the cruel rulers of Iran, and unlike majority of Iranians choose his own religion. Also it is possible that he follows his family religion without any investigation, in respect to his parents, like most of his Iranian citizens. But no matter what the future hold for him, he has been a victim of his parent’s religion.  This should have been Mohammad Nourizad’s perspective to Artin’s story that made him apologize to this oppressed Iranian child. I have the same point of view to the recent discussions.

Artin deserves to benefit all rights and opportunities of an Iranian, which mostly are deprived of.  Equality of Iranians has been mentioned in the constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran. More over Islamic Republic Government of Iran claims to follow Imam Ali’s religious advice which manifested in His government. But stooges of the Islamic government not only do not respect their own constitution, but also do not pay any attention to Imam Ali’s advice” The ruler should not hurt its own citizen. The ruler should respect and protect its entire citizen, no matter what school of thought they have”.

Nothing can justify cruelty of Artin’s life but the perception of group of people who claim to follow Imam Ali, and believe in killing whoever doesn’t follow their made up doctrine, as well as government’s right to kill its own citizens like wild animals. Islamic Government of Iran claims to follow Imam Ali’s administration but denies His advice: “the ruler should not expect to be obeyed in all He says”. The kiss on Artin’s foot signifies the perception of likewise thinkers as Nurizad and show what is happening in Islamic Governent of Iran doesn’t follow Imam Ali’s Government.

Many of Muslims who follow the Divine Islam are ashamed of what the rulers of Islamic Government are doing to those who have different sets of belief with conservatives, like Nourizad.

I am going to share a story. On Monday morning, June, 8, 2009 four days before the 2009 election, Mr Karroubi called me and mentioned that he desires to give a talk on the rights of Baha’is of Iran in one of his election speeches, as he was impressed and depressed of what he had heard about Baha’i prisoners of Shiraz. “ I have observed your defense of rights of all citizens for over twenty seven years, and there is no doubt for me that your defense is not because of the election, but it will create so much misunderstanding, specifically because it is just four days to the election” I told Mr. Karroubi. Karroubi accepted my opinion and I believe he would defend Baha’is if he could have a chance.

I have mentioned all these to say if Imam Ali was alive today, he would lament for the death of a Baha’i citizen in a country claims to follow Ali’s governmental policies, as he cried out: “There is no wonder if we die from sorrow” when a Jew woman was face cruelty under His Government.

I also believe Imam Ali would be proud of having a follower such as Mohammad Nourizad. Also Karroubi would sympathize with Ataullah Rizvani’s family if he was not in prison, and criticized reformist for not covering his murder.



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  1. Bill

    September 8, 2013 1:29 am

    I think you may want to check your translation. I don’t think you meant to write in the penultimate paragraph that “if Imam Ali was alive today he would cry out for the death of a Baha’i citizen.” I think you meant that Ali would not call for the death of a Baha’i.

  2. editor

    September 8, 2013 9:03 am

    Dear Bill, thank you for bringing this to my attention. The original translation could have been read in two opposite ways: “Cry Out” as in calling for it; but the translation meant as in “to make him cry.” I replaced it with “lament” to remove any doubts.
    loving greetings


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