Attack on the Baha'is of Mashhad


The agents of the Ministry of Intelligence raided once again the homes of ten Baha’is in Mashhad and arrested two Baha’is.

Yesterday, January 26, the Iranian security forces raided Baha’is homes in Mashhad in a systematic and organized way. This took place after similar incidents in recent months in such places as Sari, Semnan, Qa’emshahr and Tehran, where Baha’i homes have been the target of such attacks.

In this most recent raid, the Intelligence forces attacked at least ten Baha’i homes – all belonging to prominent Baha’is that serve the community in Mashhad in a coordinating capacity. Among the victims of this attack were the homes of Mr. Sirous Zabihi, Mr. Soheil Nasirzadeh, Mr. Davar Nabilzadeh, where the agents confiscated personal belongings, pictures of religious figures, religious books, personal computers and even religious jewelry.

During these incidents, at least two members of the Baha’i community, Ms. Sima Eshraghi and Mr. Jalayer Vahdat, were arrested and transferred to an undisclosed location. There is no further information available regarding the two aforementioned individuals.



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