“Incomplete File”

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One of the officials of the ministry of Higher Education approached me at a gathering, and in a shivering voice which was an indication of his deep worry, fear and sadness, said: Mr. Nourizad, in addition to denying higher education to Green Movement supporters, a few days ago the Ministry of Information denied higher education to approximately 30 young people who had passed the university entrance exam with the excuse of an “Incomplete File”. While he was looking around, he continued: In the sphere of universities, wherever you see the term “Incomplete File”, you should know for sure that those files belong to the Baha’is. The story of the “Incomplete File” is an unreasonable excuse that has been used for excluding them from education, because if the applicants have incomplete files they can never reach the stage of selecting their majors.

I glanced at this official’s distinguished face and jokingly said: I am so impressed with you officials who sheepishly obey the orders of Them (the Big Brothers) and not only do you not protest, you also collaborate with them in their deeds. He looked back at me as if I didn’t know what I was talking about and said, apologetically: I can pretend not to care about my job, my reputation or even going to prison, but I have a family, Mr. Nourizad – which meant he would possibly do something about this if he didn’t have a family and would probably face the dangers of protesting this severe oppression. And I turned my gaze to a faraway place, to a place where justice, humanity, history, practicing Islam, morality and having God-like traits have completely different meanings for this regime’s Mullahs.
I ask: Those of you who are in charge of the country’s security, and those of you who are government scholars, what are you afraid of? Are you afraid that a young Baha’i may find his way to your universities and be influenced by your Islamic teachings and accept it because of its legitimacy and strength? Or are you afraid that, like our own genuine students, he would learn to hate the essence of everything that has the color of politicized Islam? I truly hope life goes according to your desires, you holy ones!! I remember one of the regime’s Mullahs who once said: “If there were only one bite of food left in the world, it should be given to a believer”. But in truth he would then immediately go in the form of that believer and take that one last bite for himself!!

Translation by Iran Press Watch
Source: http://nurizad.info/?p=22350


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