Sonia Ahmadi a Baha’i resident of Mashhad turned herself in at Vakilabad prison

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HRANA – Sonia Ahmadi*, a Baha’i resident of Mashhad who was released earlier with a promise of complete freedom, turned herself in at Vakilabad prison** to serve the remainder of her sentence.
According to reports from the news organization Human Rights Activists in Iran , a Baha’i resident of Mashhad named Sonia Ahmadi, after a three month temporary leave of absence, turned herself in at Vakilabad prison on Wednesday April 16 for the remainder of her sentence.
SAThis Baha’i citizen had been released on Jan 10 2014 from Vakilabad prison in Mashhad with the promise that she would be given her complete freedom. However on April 10 she received a call from the enforcement group, and was summoned to the to Vakilabad prison to continue serving her sentence.
No answer has yet been given regarding the reason why she was summoned back to prison. The only answer that has been given to her family was that “These three months that she was free she was with the Ministry of Intelligence; after these three months, Ms. Ahmadi has been sent by the Ministry of Intelligence to prison to continue serving her prison sentence.”
Note that Sonia Ahmadi turned herself in on September 2012 to serve a sentence of 5 years imprisonment at Vakilabad prison.
* An article about the 2009 arrest of Mrs. Ahmadi can be found here:
** For information on this prison, see
Translation by Iran Press Watch
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