Anti-Baha’i Propaganda

Anti-Baha’i Poster Workshop in Shiraz

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Source: Translation by Iran Press Watch HRANA News Agency – a three-day poster design workshop has been held in Shiraz for the purpose of inciting hatred against Baha’is. This coincides with the beginning of another…

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Qom Seminary Holds Anti-Baha’i Classes


Source: Translation by Iran Press Watch Qom Seminary1 has recently started planning classes called “Understanding Baha’ism” and “Understanding Ahl-e Haqq”. These classes, which present a one-sided view of religious minorities, have the sole purpose of…

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New Wave of Attacks on Baha’is


Source: Saham News Translation by Iran Press Watch 25 February 2015 In recent days a number of anti-Baha’i posters have been displayed in Tehran metro stations. The propaganda and the simultaneous arrest of 14 Baha’is…

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