Foad Khanjani’s condition serious

Foad Khanjani Committee of Human Rights Reportes [, 15 Nov 2012] A day after undergoing surgery for internal bleeding and a cyst in the abdomen, the health condition of Foad Khanjani (فواد خانجانی) is a cause for grave concern. On the night following his surgery, the officers from Rajai Shahr prison who were responsible for guarding him in the hospital shackled him hand and foot throughout the night and subjected him to religious insults, with the result that his blood pressure rose and his condition deteriorated.

source: english: Sen’s Daily


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2 Responses

  1. Vafa-Canada says:

    Our prayers are with Foad and all other Baha’i prisoners in Iran.

  2. Gaëtane Poliquin says:

    Please free Foad Khanjani! He is innocent as is his grand-father! Treat them as human beings! Thank you for your compassion!

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