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In Iran, 'crackdown' on Christians worsens

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Editor’s Note: Reports are emerging from Iran of heightened persecution of Christians. For decades, the largely Armenian Christian community has suffered a fate similiar to that of the Baha’is. Monitoring, arrests, torture, closure of religious&hellip

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Iran: A Faith on Trial

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By Bernd Kaussler The Baha’is in Iran, the country’s largest religious minority, have faced intense persecution and discrimination ever since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.  The arrest of seven Baha’i leaders in 2008 and their&hellip

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A Disturbing Month


Iran’s New Year commenced on March 21, and it is off to a disturbing start for the Baha’is of that land.  During this month, considerable hardships, harassment and violations of human and civil rights were&hellip

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