Coordinated Efforts to Suppress the Baha’is in Northern Iran

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hakimThe following report was posted in Persian by Iran Press News on Friday, April 24, 2009, and appears below in translation.  The original media outlet for this news was Shumal News, which reports on events in the northern Iran.

A gathering of seminarians and religious leaders took place yesterday in Chalus in the Office of Islamic Propaganda, which operates under the auspices of Qom’s seminaries.

Hujjatu’l-Islam Hakim spoke at this gathering and said, “Faulty management principles in certain organizations must be repaired.”

The chief of the Ministry of Intelligence in Mazandaran province spoke about the danger of the spread of Baha’ism and Christianity.  He said, “Officials and eminent figures in each town must become completely unified in extinguishing such threats [posed by the Baha’is and Christians], and hand in hand must educate the people about the danger in these groups and in this regard must become fully united.”

Hujjatu’l-Islam Hakim added, “Almost all the Baha’i leaders in the town of Chalus have been arrested, imprisoned or exiled.  However, there is no clear [legislated] law for confronting the Baha’is.”

The chief of the Ministry of Intelligence in Mazandaran province referred to the role of the seminarians and stated, “Seminary students must guide the people through propaganda and cultural activities, and prevent them from being attracted to Ahl-e Haqq, Baha’ism and Christianity.”

[Source: Translation by Iran Press Watch.]


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