Current Baha’i Prisoners in Iran


prison_barsPeriodically, Iran Press Watch publishes a list of Baha’i prisoners in Iran who remain incarcerated because of their religious belief.  At the present time, there are 49 Baha’i prisoners throughout Iran.  The Date of incarceration and the url of report for each prisoner is provided next to each name


  • Mushafeq Samandari (Apr 14, 2009) here


  • Jalayer Vahdat (Jan 26, 2009) here
  • Sima Eshraghi (Jan 26, 2009) here


  • Masoud Atayian (Nov 17, 2008) here
  • Taraneh Sanai, (Jan 18, 2009) here
  • Shahnaz Sa’adati, (Jan 18, 2009) here
  • Amelia Fanaian, (Jan 18, 2009) here
  • Anisa Fanaian (Jan 18, 2009) here
  • Farzaneh Ahmadzadegan (Jan 18, 2009) here


  • Simin Gorji, (2008), here
  • ‘Ali Ahmadi, (2008) here
  • Changiz Derakhshanian, (2008) here
  • Masoud Ataian, (2008) here
  • Siyamak Ibrahimi-Nia, (2008) here
  • Fayzu’llah Rushan (Apr 2008) here
  • Fuad Naeimi (Apr 2008) here
  • Zia Allah-Vardi (Oct 18, 2008) here
  • Sonya Allah-Vardi (Oct 18, 2008) here
  • Anvar Moslemi (Nov 22, 2008) here
  • Soheila Motallebi (Nov 22, 2008) here
  • Firouzeh Yegan (Jan 10, 2009) here
  • Pegah Sanai, (Jan 10, 2009) here
  • Torreh Taqi-Zadeh (Feb 15, 2009) here
  • Mishel Ismaelpour (Apr 21, 2009) here


  • Mr. Adel Fanaian (Jan 4, 2009) here
  • Mr. Taher Eskandarian (Jan 4, 2009) here
  • Mr. Abbas Nurani (Jan 4, 2009) here
  • Mrs. Sahba Rezvani (Dec 15, 2009) here
  • Pooya Tebyanian (Mar 9, 2009) here
  • Ali Ehsani (Apr 6, 2009) here
  • Mr. Siyamak Iqani (Apr. 27, 2009) here
  • Mrs. Susan Tebyanian-Jabbari (Apr. 27, 2009) here


  • Sasan Taqva (Nov 2007) here
  • Raha Sabet (Nov 2007) here
  • Haleh Rouhi (Nov 2007) here
  • Mehran Karami (Feb 2009) here
  • Haleh Houshmandi (Mar 18, 2009) here
  • Farham Masumi (Mar 18, 2009) here
  • Afshin Ahsanian (Apr 8, 2009) here
  • Vahdat Dana (Apr. 25, 2009) here


  • Vahid Tizfahm, (May 2008) here
  • Mahvash Sabet, (Mar 2008) here
  • Jamaleddin Khanjani, (May 2008) here
  • Saeid Rezai, (May 2008) here
  • Fariba Kamalabadi, (May 2008) here
  • Afif Naimi, (May 2008) here
  • Behrouz Tavakkoli, (May 2008) here


  • Badi’u’llah Fazli


  • Ali-Askar Ravanbakhsh, (Oct 28, 2008) here
  • Zulaykha Musavi, (Oct 28, 2008) here
  • Ruhiyyih Yazdani, (Oct 28, 2008) here


  • Mehran Bandi, (Aug 28, 2008) here


  • Shahram Safajoo (Apr. 26, 2009) here

6 Responses

  1. Mark

    April 25, 2009 3:57 am

    I just want to thank you for your steadfastness in standing up for the rights of the Baha’is in Iran. This is a great spiritual duty you are shouldering.

  2. Ali

    April 25, 2009 2:29 pm

    This shows the towns where mollah corruption is at its height and as a result, the disillusioned masses are studying Ruhi and other Baha’i and Christian faith literature to save themselves from the dogmas, superstitions and corruption of the mollahs.

    Naturally Khamanei doesn’t get it. When Hashemi Rafsanjani (mirza Aghasi) turbaned Khamanei as the Supreme Ruler (Nasir-idin-Shah Qajar), Rafsanjani was not looking for someone who is smart. Rather he wanted a figure head elementary school drop out that he could control by bestowing titles upon him so he (Rafsanjani and mollahs) could embezel public money from. He found that person who today thanks to Kayhan news paper and its editorial board is titiled as Aya Ali Khamanei, Suprem Leader of the Islamic Republic. Better known as The Turbaned Nasir-idin-Shah.

    So what does the junior mirza Aghasi advise Nasir-idin-Shah to do when corruption and embezelment stink of the mollahs hit the fan? Arrest the Baha’is. And what does the incompetent Nasir-idin-Shah do? Send his security forces to arrest the Baha’is as he is powerless to confront the mollahs who put Khomeini’s (the late revolution head hostage taker) turban on his head!

    So what is next?

    The corruption orgy and incompetence of mollahs
    will continue to rise till in a flash of light as hot as the sun, they’ll be no more! Perhaps the one nuclear bomb mollahs have acquired from North Korea and plan to replicate will misfire or maybe the solar storms will hit them. But whatever it is, keep teaching your Faith as you are at the threshold of mass conversion in Iran. Teach your cause to every Iranian you find outside Iran. Invite them to your homes and share your Faith’s redeeming message with them. Hold weekly meetings in your homes and pray for this storm of century to blow over. On the otherside you have millions of people in Iran waiting for you with open arms. Just teach your cause and don’t be dismayed by these arrests. That is the only way to dissipate these dark clouds of ignorance amd prejudice and bring peace to Iran and Middle East.

    Just follow your peaceful path, work for unity and education and help the broken winged birds that are flocking to your side. Rest assured that your God who saved Daniel in the lions’ den, He will save you from this last Beast of Middle East! He is
    the God who is is Judah NOT in Qum!

  3. kamran

    April 26, 2009 3:55 am

    From the onset of the Baha’i religion, these prosecutions, and harassements have continued. All the Baha’is of the world have been peacful, and obedient to the goverment of the country in which they reside. Our protocol as Baha’is has always been and will continue to be, Pray,peace and ask for God’s guidance. We must continue to be patient, pray, and rest assured that God makes every event for a good reason wisdom of which may not be comprehended at this time but it wil.


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