Some Baha’i Prisoners Released in Shiraz


Iran Press Watch was thrilled to learn through reliable sources in Iran that Haleh Houshmandi-Salehi and Afshin Ahsanian have been released on bail.  As the readers may recall, Mrs. Houshmandi has had a history of heart ailment and has been suffering from various medical complication during her incarceration.

 The authorities have renewed the family leave of Raha Sabet and Haleh Rouhi for one week.  They had mentioned that they would give a family leave of several days to Sasan Taqva when the Sabet and Rouhi would return to jail.  Considering that Sasan Taqva has a severe toothache and suffers from leg ailment, Raha Sabet voluntarily went back to jail this morning, so that Sasan Taqva would be allowed a leave. 

 The authorities have however arrested Vahdat Danna, who earlier had been questioned by the authorities.  He had stated that he would go with them if they bring a warrant specifying his name.

 Iran Press Watch will bring further updates as they become available. 


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  1. sb

    April 27, 2009 11:45 am

    How moving it is to hear that Mr. Raha Sabet voluntarily returned to prison to help Mr. Sasan Taqva. One wonders how the jailers could not fail to be moved by such sacrifice. Our heartfelt prayers go to both of these quiet heros.


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