Farhad Eghbali Released from Raja’i Shahr Prison

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Source: www.hra-news.org

Translation by Iran Press Watch

HARNA News agency – The Human Rights Activists News agency in Iran, reported that Mr. Farhad Eghbali has been released from Raja’i Shahr prison “ahead of time” due to severe heart disease and other medical conditions. Mr. Eghbali had served almost three years of a five-year prison sentence.

Farhad Eghbali is a resident of Gorgan, who was born in Bandar-e Gaz in 1958. He was arrested in November 2012 along with four other Bahá’ís but he was released that same day on bail because of his heart condition. However, Mr. Eghbali did face trial at a later date, when he was tried on charges of “propaganda against the regime, cooperation with foreign hostile governments and participation in secret Bahá’í activities”. Mr. Eghbali was sentenced to 5-years by Judge “Moghiseh” from the 28th Branch of Tehran Revolutionary Court. Despite the objections of medical professionals and cardiologists, he was summoned to the Evin prison, in Tehran, then transferred to Raja’i Shahr prison to serve his sentence.

Upon his release, Mr. Eghbali was welcomed by his family and friends.


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