Update on Baha'i Prisoners in Shiraz

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Iran Press Watch has learned through reliable contacts in Iran that Raha Sabet and Haleh Ruhi have been granted a temporary leave from prison for 5 days, and there is a possibility that this family-visit might be renewed for another 5 days.  (For background on their situation see, http://www.iranpresswatch.org/2008/09/latest-status-of-3-imprisoned-youth/, and search for names in the site’s archives.)haleh-rouhi-sasan-taqva-raha-sabet-bahais-shiraz-prison

During these few days that Raha Sabet and Haleh Ruhi are on family-visit leave (customary for long-term prisoners in Iran), they have transferred Haleh Houshmandi-Salehi to their room, which is a little better than her own extremely small cell. 

Yesterday, April 21, 2009, the family of Haleh Houshmandi was able to meet with her in prison for 4 minutes from behind the glass and by phone.  She looked pale and was breathing with difficulty due to the continuation of her heart aliment.

The authorities have not granted a leave to Sasan Taqva.  Sources in Iran report that Sasan suffers from pain in his leg and has a severe toothache.  It is not clear if he has received the necessary medical attention.

Iran Press Watch has also learned that potentially there will be some positive developments to report by tomorrow.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of these innocent Baha’i prisoners and we call on all the people of good will to whisper a pray that the anticipated positive news would be realized by tomorrow.


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