A Short Note on Yahya Hedayati

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On April 21, 2009, Iran Press Watch reported on recent attacks on the home of Mr. Yahya Hedayati (see, http://www.iranpresswatch.org/2009/04/semnan-residence/).  One of the kind readers has provided some background information on this Baha’i resident of Semnan, which appears below in translation.

Yahya is originally from Sangsar and a son of Ismael Hedayati.  Ismael had another younger son, who was killed in an accident.  Yahya was an active and energetic Baha’i and a member of the Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Sangsar when the authorities decided to arrest him for his Baha’i activities.  Since they were unable to find Yahya, they seized his father, Ismael, and incarcerated him in Semnan.  By exerting such inhumane pressure on the family, they were able to locate Yahya within a short period of time and arrest him in Tehran.

In the early part of this decade, Yayha was imprisoned for four and a half years, first in Semnan and then in the notorious Evin prison in Tehran.  One of his cellmates in Evin was Adel Fanaian who is currently imprisoned in Semnan.

It should be mentioned that when Yahya Hedayati was arrested, he was engaged to Johar, but because of his sentence was unable to marry her until his release.


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