Attacks on Baha’i Residence in Semnan


"Death to Infidel Baha'i Israeli" and "Baha'ism = treason"
"Death to Infidel Baha'i Israeli" and "Baha'ism = treason"

As reported many times by Iran Press Watch, the Baha’is of Semnan live under harsh and oppressive conditions instigated by the clerical establishment of that town.  The latest incident against the Baha’is is reported by Human Rights Activists of Iran and is presented below in translation:

Unknown assailants attacked the home of a Baha’i resident on three (3) separate occasions last week.

In recent months, the town of Semnan has witnessed many pervasive assaults on the Baha’is, including attacks by grenades on their residences, destruction of cemeteries, interrogation and widespread arrest of Baha’is, coupled with the searches of their homes.

On three occasions, the residence of Mr. Yahya Hedayati was attacked during the last week, from April 9 to 16.  These incidents took place during the late hours of the night by unknown assailants riding on motorcycles, and often involved throwing rocks at the windows.

In these attacks, windows were broken and Mr. Hedayati’s family, particularly his elderly mother, were terrorized and made to fear for their lives.  It appears that the perpetrators were trying to create an unsafe environment for this Baha’i family, and to instill anxiety and emotional distress in the members of the household.

Efforts of this Baha’i through legal channels have borne no result, and it is feared that these organized assaults will continue.

[Source: Translation by Iran Press Watch.]


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  1. Mark Obenauer

    April 21, 2009 7:20 pm

    Holy Islamic sites that existed before the State of Israel also exist on the Temple Mount, such as the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. Moslems from all over the world have traveled to these holy sites. Does this make them supporters of Israel? The Jewish state came into existence after the building the Baha’i’ holy sites and the establishment of the Baha’i’ World Center, as well as the Jerusalem Islamic holy sites. It was an unknown that at some future time the State of Israel would come into existence.

    Also if G-d, the Beginning and the End, knows all things, how much design do people genuinely have in the fate of history? I am not a believer in predestination in a classical Calvinist way, and I believe through present and past actions people determine the good, the bad, and the ugly acts of future human history. Why not blame the European pogroms and acts that culminated in the Holocaust for Zionism?

    And if these pogroms and actions precipitated Zionism, perhaps dastardly human rights abuses will precipitate future human tragedy? Maybe it is time to learn from history and stop the blame game?

  2. Ahang

    April 21, 2009 8:33 pm

    Dear Anahid,

    If you have more details about the previous imprisonment of Mr. Hedayati in Evin, IPW would be pleased to receive and publish them. You have our email address under “contact”. Regards, Ahang.

  3. LizKauai

    April 21, 2009 8:49 pm

    Yesterday I had lunch with a believer in Light- a seeker of Truth. She had read my blog after a “chance” meeting in my office the week before.
    At lunch we conversed about a few things regarding music and culture and mutual friends. The she asked about the Baha’i Faith and referenced the persecution and executions still occurring in modern times. She watched me very carefully as I gave reply. I don’t remember the exact words but I told her that as a Baha’i, I believed in the Divine Origin of Islam and Mohammad, its Revealer and saw those who where perpetrating these atrocities on their fellow citizens as fearful controllers who were employing Inquisition-like techniques as a last gasp effort to manipulate those kept in ignorance. I said that these interpretations of righteous action did not reflect the spiritual response that Mohammad desired for His followers.

    She kept looking at me and remarked that she could see no trace of hostility or hatred for those who were still killing my fellow believers. Of course not, what we seek is the promulgation of justice and unity, not revenge. What these persecutions HAVE done, however, is inspire me to redouble my efforts to do the very things my brethren are being punished for- tutor study circles, hold devotionals, and serve the children and junior youth of our area with moral and spiritual education.
    That is something I can do. Something I WANT to do. Something I am now DOING while I pray for those who endure in Iran for the sake of God.

  4. Nima

    April 22, 2009 3:14 pm

    If the Baha’is are spies for Israel, then doesn’t that make Muslims spies for Mecca AND Israel? Doesn’t it make them a front for spreading the cancer of the “Islamic Revolution”? Again, here is another exposed hypocricy of the demonstrable clergy of Iran, and not just Iran, the Middle Eastern Muslim community? (Not that all Muslims are Anti Bahai)


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