Leader of the Fatwa against Baha’is: No One Has Any Objections to Non-Muslims


Source: http://digarban.com/node/21325

Translation by Iran Press Watch

17 February, 2015

Ali Khamenei, who does not consider the association of Muslims with Baha’is to be permitted, in his most recent speech claimed that in the Islamic Republic it is unprecedented for Muslims to express any aggression towards non-Muslims.


Mr. Khamenei expressed his view on this subject as part of a statement objecting to the situation of the Muslims in the West. He said: “In Iran and the Islamic Republic, it is unprecedented for non-Muslims to be harassed by Muslims.”

He added that even extremist Hezbollah youth have never allowed themselves to attack any non-Muslims.

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic also claimed that Muslims in Western countries lack physical security, let alone necessary freedoms.

Ali Khamenei has made these statements at a time when he himself has an active fatwa (religious ruling) regarding the inappropriateness of any association of Muslims with Baha’is.

After the 1978 revolution Baha’is lost many of their social rights, and faced unprecedented limitations and pressure.

Higher Education for Baha’is has been banned, and there have been many reports on the desecration of Baha’i graves in various cities across Iran.

in January 2015, Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi announced that affording Baha’is and Jews equal rights with Muslims is unconstitutional.

In December 2014, Abbas Ramazanipour, the Friday prayer leader of Rafsanjan, called for Baha’is to leave the city because they are ritually unclean (najes).


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  1. vafa-canada

    March 5, 2015 7:10 pm

    The Shia Muslim clergy have been the cause of:
    1) Martyring a Prophet of God, the beloved Bab.
    2) lifelong exile and imprisonment of the latest Manifestation of God, Baha’u’llah.
    3) Destroying 2 out of 3 places of Pilgrimage for the Baha’is; the House of the Bab in Shiraz, and the House of Baha’u’llah in Baghdad.
    4) Martyring over 20,000 followers of the Bab, and hundreds more Baha’is in the last few decades.
    5) Destroying and confiscating all Baha’i Holy places, and places of worship in Iran.
    6) destroying most Baha’i cemeteries in Iran.
    7) Imprisonment and human rights abuses of thousands of innocent Baha’is over the last 4 decades.

    And the list goes on and on. What calamity will befall them in the next world and this world? Only God knows.


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