Ten Baha’is Released


Source: hra-news.org/fa

Translation by Iran Press Watch

10869822_10152779086804685_4936962591227972363_o-300x191HRANA – Ten Baha’is who were arrested last week and transferred to Dastgerd prison in Isfahan were released without a bail a few hours ago.

According to HRANA – Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran – ten of the Baha’is imprisoned in the Dastgerd prison of Isfahan were released without bail on Thursday, February 19.

Those who have been released are Ms. Nika Rajabi, Ms. Mona Aghdasi, Ms. Shiva Aghsani, Ms. Negar Sobhaniyan, Mr. Kavian Dehghan, Mr. Shayan Kosar, Mr. Peyman Atefi, and Mr. Koosha Rahimi; all have been released without bail.

Mr. Houshang Dehghan and Aref Dehghan were not released because of the absence of the magistrate on duty; they are likely to be released within a few hours.


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  1. Sally Akhtar Qazi

    February 24, 2015 5:56 pm

    I am glad there are still people with honour in Iran, that great country, who see that the innocent Baha’is are not persecuted. and we hope they will see justice done so that all others are released too. Thank you.


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