Iran's Prosecutor General on Baha'is as Israeli Agents

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Editor’s Note: The following article was posted on Press TV, an English-language Iranian news network. It relates a statement by Iran’s Prosecutor General Dorri-Najafabadi in reaction to a statement by the U.S. State Department condemning recent events.

Iran’s Prosecutor General Qorban-Ali Dorri-Najafabadi says members of the banned Bahai sect have irrefutable links with Israel.

After Tehran’s deputy prosecutor Hassan Haddad announced on Wednesday that seven members of the Bahai sect would soon be tried, US State Department issued a statement to condemn the decision.

The seven Bahai followers will be tried on charges of “espionage for Israel, desecrating religious sanctities and propaganda against the Islamic Republic.”

The statement by the US State Department condemned the move, saying the espionage charges were “baseless.”

“There is irrefutable evidence that adherents of the Bahai sect are in close contact with the enemies of the Iranian nation and have strong links to the Zionist regime,” Dorri-Najafabadi explained on Sunday.

The top Iranian judiciary official accused the group of gathering intelligence on Iran and involvement in espionage activities against the Islamic Republic.

“Bahai organizations are illegal and their connections to Israel and their enmity toward Islam and the Islamic system are absolutely certain and their threat against the national security is a proven fact,” added the Iranian cleric.

Followers of the Bahai sect — founded in Iran in 1863 — are regarded as infidels and have been persecuted both before and after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.


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  1. Frank

    February 16, 2009 3:38 am

    So, there is only one road to God and that is through the Mollah highway. I wonder if Mr. Najafabadi could also tell us where in Quran God/Allah appointed the Clerics in Iran to control this highway. In particular I’m interested in verse/sura and number that states such a thing.

    Also if he would be so kind to please tell us where he wants to burry the 6 billion+ unbeliver Buddhists, Shintoist, Krishnaists, Sunnis, Methodist and Eangelicals on down to Pagan Persians, Turkmans, Azaris, Kurds, Afganis, Pakis, Yazidis and Protestants and Hindus who are not “people of the book” and whose governments and people Iran so desperately courts for its survival. The world wants to know these things as I’m sure the Bahai people do.


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