Once Again Deprivation from Education with the Excuse of Incomplete Application

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Source: hra-news.org

Translation by Iran Press Watch

Wednesday 09 September, 2015


HRANA – Ava Amini Yazdeli, Baha’i resident, was faced with “incomplete application” notice, after taking the Nationwide University Admittance Test and was subsequently deprived from continuing her education.

As reported by HRANA News Agency, the Human Rights Activists in Iran Organization, Ava Amini Yazdeli, Baha’i resident born on year 1997, who took the Nationwide University Admittance test, was faced with Incomplete Application excuse when she tried to enter her information online in order to get her test results from the Examination Organization.

An informed source, who did not want his/her name disclosed, told HRANA reporter that: “Since 2006 the “Incomplete Application” excuse is being used in the case of the Baha’i residents who (the government) wants to deny higher education.  This is happening despite the fact that Hassan Rouhani (Iran’s current President) had made promises to resolve the issue of Education Deprivation.  After taking the Nationwide University Admittance test, many Baha’i residents were faced with the “Incomplete Application” notice and were deprived of continuing their education.”



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