Iran Continues to Deny Higher Education to Bahai’s

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Translation by Iran Press Watch


Based on reports by the “No to harassment and imprisonment of Baha’i citizens” campaign: A Baha’i citizen residing in Tabriz named Afsaneh Asadnejad has been deprived of higher education.

Upon going on the website of the University Evaluation Board, this 18 year old Baha’i, who lives in Tabriz, faced a message indicating that she had an “incomplete file”, and as a result was denied a higher education.

Based on reports by the “No to harassment and imprisonment of Baha’i citizens” campaign: After participating in nationwide university entrance exams and earning the rank of 1,829 in the field of Humanities, Mahyarh Naddaf, a Baha’i citizen of Karaj was denied a higher education due to her beliefs.

Like many other Baha’i citizens, she faced a message indicating an “incomplete file” when she entered the website of the University Evaluation Board.

A source close to Ms. Mahyareh Naddaf mentioned that officials of the University Evaluation Board refused to provide her with the written records of her exam or any response related to this issue when she followed up by going to the office of this governmental organization.

A letter was sent by a university president to overturn the exemption status of a Baha’i student from military service due to education.

As reported by the “No to harassment and imprisonment of Baha’i citizens” campaign: Shayan Zakerian is a student who was expelled from Azad University after one year, solely because of being a Baha’i.

After persistent follow ups, the university was forced to give him his expulsion records. Sent to the office of Military Services, these records indicate that Shayan Zakerian was expelled from university based on article 29 of the education laws. This year, Nogol Zakerian (Shayan’s sister), who resides in Karaj and earned a rank of 482 (in the field of Art) in the national university entrance exam, was also denied a university education based on the incomplete file excuse.

Denial of education for Baha’i citizens has been a systematic trend after Iran’s Islamic Revolution, and has grown significantly each year. This happens even though Mohammad Javad Larijani – the human rights spokesperson for the Judiciary – denies any discrimination against Baha’i citizens.

Taghato: Another Baha’i university applicant reports of not receiving examination results due to an “incomplete file”.

Reacting to her situation, a young Baha’i from Karaj named Ava Amini, who was instructed to contact the accountability unit of the University Evaluation Board in Meshkin Dasht in Karaj, has written:

“We are getting the same excuse again for not being allowed into the university: an ‘incomplete file’.”


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  1. vafa-canada

    September 17, 2015 6:38 pm

    Every person that does injustice in this world and abuses human rights will surely get an “incomplete” file when they go to the next world, and will never be admitted into heaven. KARMA will return to haunt them.


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