Iran’s Prosecutor-General Letter to the Minister of Intelligence

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Editor’s Note: In the draconian and misguided effort to suppress and eradicate the Baha’i community in Iran, the country’s Prosecutor-General has sent an inflammatory letter against the Baha’is to the Minister of Intelligence. This letter is the subject of a report by Jame Jam, which has published many polemics against the Baha’i community. This report is reproduced below in translation. However, for the sake of accuracy, several notes have been added by the editor at the conclusion of this piece which addresses the lies and misinformation in this so-called news report.

The Political News Group: Activities of the wayward Baha’i sect are illegal and forbidden!

Iran’s Prosecutor-General has stated, “All Baha’i activities at all levels as well as any type of organization managing them are illegal and forbidden.” [See Editor’s Note 1]

According to the Fars News Agency, Ayatollah Qorban-Ali Dorri Najafabadi has written a letter to Ghulam-Husayn Ejeyee, the Minister of Intelligence, about clause 20 of the Islamic Constitution regarding citizenship rights for all Iranians and clause 23 of the same document concerning the freedom of belief for all individuals. In this letter, he states, “Everyone is free to have his own belief and faith. However, no expression or declaration in order to disparage the thoughts of others, nor any attempt to teach them which would result in deception and agitation of minds is permitted.” [See Editor’s Note 2]

Iran’s Prosecutor-General further emphasized, “Basically, real and legal individuals are considered as legitimate within the Islamic Constitution, and laws have freedom of activity. Notwithstanding, it is obvious that on occasion, confronted with certain types of activities, whether by individuals, collectives or administrations, that appear to threaten the country and the national security, the government would use its power to preserve national well-being and welfare. Moreover, under those circumstances it would take serious measures against the wrongdoers.” [See Editor’s Note 3]

Afterwards, referring to the record and background of the political-intelligence agency which is the wayward Baha’i sect and to its center within the occupied land of Palestine, Iran’s Prosecutor-General stated, “Proofs and evidences obtained indicate that the aforementioned administration has direct contact with external enemies of Iran, and they have historic and strong links with the Zionist regime, and gather information within the nation, infiltrate into various movements, and destroy the edifice of the Iranian belief system.” [See Editor’s Note 4]

At the end, stressing previous orders of the Prosecutor-General and the head of the Judicial system in 1984 as regards prohibition of every type of administrative activities, the Prosecutor-General Ayatollah Dorri Najafabadi announced that the administration of the wayward Baha’i sect at all levels is illegal and forbidden, their connection with Israel and their opposition to Islam and the Islamic regime are beyond question, and their danger to national security is documented and well-established.

In accordance with laws and ordinances, it is obligatory to stand up to any [Baha’i] administration succeeding the original one.

Notes contributed by the Editor of Iran Press Watch:

Editor’s Note 1. It is important to note the Baha’i coordinating group which was arrested in March and May of 2008, whose trial is the subject of this article, was established with the agreement of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to provide minimal coordination of Baha’is in Iran. It was never given the functions of a full administrative body, unlike the two previous National Spiritual Assemblies of Iran, all of whose members were summarily executed in 1980 and 1981, respectively.

Editor’s Note 2. It is easy to see that this argument is specious. There has never been any attempt to prevent “disparagement” of Shi’ite Muslims in Iran against any other group — this is intended to be applied as an excuse for persecuting only one group — Baha’is.

Editor’s Note 3. While every government must and should take all necessary means to protect itself and its citizens, the Islamic Republic of Iran has adduced no valid evidence of a single actual threat of any Baha’i against Iran or Islam, both of which every Baha’i is taught to revere.

Editor’s Note 4. The mere existence of the Baha’i World Headquarters in Akka and Haifa is the only evidence ever given for this charge; however, the location of the Center of the Faith in what is now Israel is just as much an artifact of historical circumstance as is the location of the Islamic Dome of the Rock in that country — it predates the State of Israel by 80 years.

[Original Persian newspaper clippings are from Jam-e-Jam and Khabare Jonoob. Date unknown.]




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