Baha’i Expelled by University Police

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Translation by Iran Press Watch


According to the No Harassment or Imprisonment of Baha’is Campaign, Sarah Shakib, a student of applied statistics at the University of Kashan, was expelled from the University after what University officials announced as her belief in the Baha’i faith.

This Baha’i citizen told the Campaign: “At first, the Student Welfare Officer said that the University’s Office of the Representative of the Supreme Leader had realized that I was a Baha’i, and so, in order that the University President not discover this and not deprive me of my education, I would have to leave the residence hall.  Since I am a resident of Isfahan, I would have to request a transfer to the University of Isfahan. This official went on to say that other students from the residence hall had gone to the University’s Office of the Representative of the Supreme Leader and reported that I was a Baha’i.”

Sarah Shakib added, “When I told the students from the residence hall, they responded: ‘If we all write an affidavit and sign it, would this issue be resolved?’ I told them that the official’s statement was nothing more than an excuse.

“I came out of the residence hall and requested the transfer. The university education manager, who would have to sign my transfer papers, expressed surprise about this issue…

“After a few weeks, the school police called me and told me to write and sign an affidavit that I was a Baha’i. I replied that there was no reason for this; I was here for my education. He said that if you believe in it, write: I can write about being a Muslim without being afraid, and now you do not want to write about your beliefs…

“I wrote. The head of the university police came and read the Revolutionary Council’s directive, which said that Baha’is do not have a right to education. I replied that in there is no mention of this in the registration form. The head of the university police responded: ‘You are expelled, nevertheless.’

“Then the police office took my ID card, and after a few days my Students Portal Access was closed. Next they told me not to return to the University, or they would call the municipal police.

“In the end, I went back to the University of Kashan to return my books, and the school had processed the transfer request, and they send it to me. I went to the University of Isfahan, and their police office also emphasized to me that I did not have a right to education, because of my beliefs.”



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