'Iran provides Bahais with all facilities'


Iran’s Prosecutor General, Qorban-Ali Dorri-Najafabadi, has said the Bahai sect in Iran is using the same facilities as other Iranians.

“The Iranian government has provided the Bahai sect in Iran with all the facilities offered to other Iranian citizens,” Najafabadi said in an interview with Press TV on Monday. The top Iranian judiciary official made the remarks in response to Western claims that the Islamic Republic has violated the rights of Bahais in Iran. According to the Iranian cleric, there is irrefutable evidence that many adherents of the Bahai sect are in close contact with the enemies of the Iranian nation and have strong links to the Zionist regime.

“We have always showed great kindness to the Bahai citizens in Iran. We just oppose such relations,” he explained.

Although members of the Bahai sect have admitted their charges in various cases, the West, especially the United States, claims that Iran has violated their human rights by making attempts to suppress the cult.

“We (as the state) offer a variety of services to the Bahai sect in Iran and respect them as human beings, but not as insiders, spies, or a political grouplet supported by Britain and Israel to cause disturbance in Iran,” Najafabadi went on to say. On Wednesday, Tehran’s deputy prosecutor Hassan Haddad announced that seven members of the Bahai sect, who were evolved in espionage activities against Iran, would soon be tried.

[HRF/MMA Source: http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=86582&sectionid=351020101]


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    February 25, 2009 3:35 am

    However true these words may be is up to the reader.

    As a Baha’i, all Baha’is must adhere to this quotation provided by Baha’u’llah:

    “Truthfulness is the foundation of all human virtues.”

    With that said, I am more eager to hear the perspective of the seven Baha’is currently detained from their own mouths, who we know fully adhere to this Baha’i quotation above, rather than mere ‘representatives’.

  2. RSS

    February 25, 2009 3:51 am

    Take this statement:

    “We have always showed great kindness to the Bahai citizens in Iran. We just oppose such relations,” -Qorban-Ali Dorri-Najafabadi

    It is a double negative statement. To drain it down, he’s claiming that ‘we’, whoever that may be, loves Baha’is yet on the other hand dislikes Baha’is because they are ‘insiders, spies, or a political grouplet supported by Britain and Israel to cause disturbance in Iran’. How can there be ‘great kindness’ shown when the ‘we’ in this statement considers all of the Baha’is as ‘spies’?

  3. Frank

    February 25, 2009 4:49 pm

    Perhaps Mr Dorri is ill informed about the situation of Baha’is in Iran. So I suggest he personally investigates the horror stories of Baha’i children being threatened and degraded by their teachers in school, Baha’is being forced out of their homes, Baha’is being killed so their homes can be given to Hujjatieh radical Mollahs and Baha’is being fired from their jobs and forced to close their businesses as a starting point of how FREE Baha’is are in Iran. I’m sure investigating just these few starting points will give him enough facts to Mr Dorri to enable him tp approach Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamanei about the situation of Baha’is under his reign and warn him about what he, as the Suprem Leader of Iran, has been authorizing his security forces to do. I’m sure then Mr Dorri can explain to Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamanei, the ramifications of his authorized actions in view of the genocide that has been
    taking place in Iran under his rule. I’m sure since Mr Dorri is knowledgable about Iran’s international human rights obligations enough to then warn Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamamei about discontinuing his criminal and genocidal actions against Iran’s Baha’is and all other enthnic and religeous groups.

    What an irresponsible radical Mollah does or say in charge of a mosque is not treated the same way as when the Mollah becomes the Leader of a nation, disregards all international laws and continues with his Hitlerian genocidal plans against all minorities in his country. The world has a place for criminals that behave like that. Perhaps Mr Dorri should travel to the International Court of Justice as part of his investigation so he can then recommend a correct course of action for Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamanei to take with regards to safe guarding human rights of Iranians and complying with international laws.

  4. Barmak Kusha

    February 26, 2009 7:25 pm

    This is not true, and Mr. Dorri Najaf-Abadi knows it is not true, and yet he says it. These rulers are the among greatest liars in the history of the world. History and Justice will not be kind to them at all. And hopefully we will see a full accounting either in front of international criminal courts or truth and reconciliation commissions, in the near future.


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