Once More, Baha’i Cemetery Gate Demolished


Source: www.goldnews.biz

Translation by Iran Press Watch

29th October 2016


According to Gold News: The Municipal office of Ardestan has demolished the gate of the Baha’i Cemetery.

Ardestan is part of Isfahan Province, and is situated in the northeast of the province. Its desert pattern is very similar to the cities of Yazd and Kashan, which are also located on the fringe of the desert.

During different periods of time, the Baha’is of Ardestan have had their fair share of atrocities, attacks and persecution from fanatics and zealots. Over the years many of them left their homeland and settled in other cities.

Interestingly, due to overwhelming religious prejudice, the city was divided into two sections; namely Babi/Baha’i and Muslim regions. This happened in order to prevent Baha’is from being encountered by Muslims, whom they would then have to face or even exchange pleasantries. Presumably, by abusing and persecuting the Baha’is, they would force them to leave the city altogether.

As a result, Baha’is currently live in an area called “Bab ul Rahy”, meaning “near the flourmill”.

Because of restrictions on finding work and furthering their education, nearly all young and middle aged Baha’is have moved to other cities; in particular many have settled in Isfahan.

Some elderly women and men, along with a few middle-aged people, now are living in Bab ul Rahy. Based on the testimony of the people of Ardestan the remaining Baha’is are the most gentle and sincere people in town.

The intensity of the restriction is such that Baha’is have been deprived of basic municipal services such as garbage disposal and cleanup of their environment. They have to undertake these duties themselves, as the municipal office refuses to shoulder its responsibilities.


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  1. vafa-canada

    November 3, 2016 9:31 pm

    This is a classic example of Absolute Ignorance in the 21st century. Iran and the Islamic republic are full of these Ignorant people. Millions upon millions of them. The legacy of the Islamic republic and its corrupt clergy.


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